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Organizational, Political and Economic Sociology

The Organizational, Political and Economic Sociology section of the sociology department at Texas A&M University conducts research that examines social structure and social change. Approximately a third of the faculty in the department conducts research and teaches courses that focus on organizational, political and economic sociology. The program emphasizes theoretically driven empirical research that contributes to the understanding of continuity and change in social structures at the organizational, societal, and global levels. Explicit attention is given to political and economic systems, markets, the state, stratification, social movements, the corporation and other formal organizations, and the conflicts among organizational and institutional arrangements. Several of the organizational, political and economic sociology faculty focus on how power and inequality are rooted in historically contingent gender, class, and racial hierarchies and how these relationships are reproduced and contested in social institutions such as the labor market, educational systems, corporations, workplaces, and the state.

The faculty and graduate students employ a wide range of methods including statistical analysis of large quantitative data sets, surveys, interviews, examination of historical documents, and participant observation. Some faculty members in political and economic sociology have affiliations with the Glasscock Center for Humanities ResearchWomen’s and Gender StudiesInternational StudiesAfricana Studies, and Texas A&M Energy Institute.