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  • Madison Adams

    Master’s Thesis Defended, Madison Adams

    Big congratulations goes out to Madison Adams who successfully defended her Master’s Thesis today (June 16, 2022)! Madison was advised by Dr. Theresa Morris, the thesis committee included Dr. Sarah Gatson and Dr. Tasha Dubriwny (Department of Communication). Madison’s thesis is titled “Science, Technology, and Sexual Harassment”. It assesses how STEM culture impacts how sexual […]

  • Theresa Morris

    Sociology Colloquium, 5/5/2021

    Eyes Wide Shut: Using Accreditation Regulation to Address the “Pass the Harasser” Problem in Higher Education Dr. Theresa Morris, Texas A&M University J.D., LL.M., J.S.D. Susan Fortney, Texas A&M University School of Law Universities and colleges have long struggled with sexual harassment and misconduct, pervasive harms that they have only recently been forced to confront […]