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Course List

Students may request approval from the certificate coordinator to include other courses with digital humanities content not on the list of approved courses. For more information about required criteria review FAQs. Contact the certificate coordinator, Dr. Joshua Dicaglio ( with DH Certificate as the subject. 

Permanently Approved Courses

  • COMM 626: Communication Law and Policy
  • COMM 665: Communication and Technology
  • CSCE 610: Hypertext/Hypermedia Systems
  • CSCE 646: The Digital Image (cross-listed with VIZA 654
  • CSCE 647: Image Synthesis (cross-listed with VIZA 656)
  • CSCE 655: Human-Centered Computing
  • CSCE 656: Computers and New Media
  • CSCE 667: Seminar in Human-Centered Computing
  • CSCE 671: Computer-Human Interaction 
  • CSCE 675: Digital Libraries
  • DHUM 685: Directed Studies*
  • DHUM: 601: Digital Humanities Theory and Practice
  • ENGL 604: Topics in Digital Research
  • GEOG 652: Quantitative Methods in Geography
  • GEOG 659: Geodatabases
  • GEOG 660: Applications in GIS
  • HIST 630: Digital Methods in Historical Research
  • HIST 666: History of Technology
  • VIZA 641: Visual Storytelling    
  • VIZA 654: The Digital Image (cross-listed with CSCE 646)
  • VIZA 656: Image Synthesis (cross-listed with CSCE 647
  • VIZA 665: Digital Compositing 
  • DHUM 685 includes the completion of a digital research project. In order for the certificate coordinator to verify completion of this requirement, students must provide the following:
  1. A project proposal submitted in advance of taking the independent study course.
  2. Access to the digital artifact produced during the independent study.
  3. A project report submitted upon completion of the project.
  4. Students may choose to complete the 685 Directed Studies requirement in their home department (e.g., not with a DHUM designation) with approval of the certificate coordinator.

Contingent Courses (Pre-Approval Required)

Courses listed below are not officially part of the approved curriculum for the Digital Humanities Certificate.  They are taught with different topics and/or instructors and may not include sufficient digital humanities content to count as a certificate credit course.  Certificate students who would like to receive Certificate credit for these courses can petition the Certificate Coordinator by providing a copy of the course syllabus.  See FAQs for more information on the criteria used to determine whether or not such a course can count toward the Certificate.

  • COMM 662:       Survey of Telecommunication and Media Studies 
  • COMM 663:       Seminar in Telecommunication and Media Studies 
  • EDCI 655:          Contemporary Visual Culture
  • EDCI 676:          Evaluation of Electronic Learning Materials (web-based course)
  • EDTC 621:        Graphic Communication and Interface Design. 
  • EDTC 631:         Educational Video
  • EDTC 641:         Educational Game Design (web-based course
  • ENGL 603:        Bibliography and Literary Research.  Note: only open to ENGL & PHIL graduate students 
  • ENGL 666:        Topics in Textual Studies and Book History
  • HIST 629:          Research Methods in History.  Note: only open to HIST graduate students.