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Soyeon Kim

Ph.D. Program
  • LAAH 477
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M.A., Sogang University, 2019
B.A., Sogang University, 2017


So-Yeon Kim is a Ph. D. student in the English department at Texas A&M University. She has BAs in American Culture and Communication and an MA in American Cultural Studies. Her research interests include Asian American studies, transnational feminism, and the intersection of activism and academia. Currently, she is interested in the migration of East Asian women and how early migration of East Asian women has affected the formation of cultural citizenship of Asian Americans.

Research Interests

  • 20th and 21st Century Studies
  • American Literature and Culture
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Transnational Literatures
  • Loss, Mourning, and Trauma


So-Yeon was a recipient for CORE scholarship for six consecutive semesters in South Korea (2016-2018). Being a CORE scholarship holder, she participated in the Workshop on American Popular Music and went on a field research to Nashville, New Orleans, and Memphis.

Conference Presentations

  • “Racial Melancholia of Asian Americans and a Deleuzian Mourning in The Woman Warrior” presented at 50th Annual Conference at Northeast Modern Language Association
  • “Becoming-Shaman: Undoing Patriarchy through a Deleuzian Reading of Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior ,” presented at 116th Annual Conference of Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association
  • “From All-American Girl t o Fresh off the Boat: Comedy as an Approach to Cultural Citizenship,” presented at the annual conference of International Society for Humor Studies