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  • Dissertation Defended, Dr. Selene Diaz

    Please join us in celebrating our newest PhD! Dr. Selene Diaz successfully defended her dissertation on January 13th, 2023. Dr. Selene Diaz was mentored by Dr. Nancy Plankey-Videla. Dr. Sarah Gatson, Dr. Sonia Hernandez (History), Dr. Robert Mackin, and Dr. Dennis O’Hearn (UTEP) served on her committee. Dr. Diaz’ dissertation consists of three articles: 1. The […]

  • 2022-03-29-Samuel_Cohn-square

    Sociology Colloquium, 3/29/2022

    Uncertain Expertise in  Trans Medicine Dr. Stef Shuster, Michigan State University  Medical professionals are expected to be experts in their fields. But what happens when they lack the typical benchmarks – experience and evidence – to support such claims to expertise? In their recently published book, Trans Medicine: The Emergence and Practice of Treating Gender […]

  • Vanessa Verner Colloquium

    Sociology Colloquium, 2/2/2022

    Sanctified Saints: Race, Gender, Politics, and Black Pentecostalism Vanessa Verner, Texas A&M University During the racial uprisings of summer 2020, a Pentecostal preacher proposed to his listeners, “You should not be more Black than you are Christian.” That preacher’s proclamation prompted a series of questions on ways to analyze contemporary Black Pentecostal people. This colloquium […]