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Early Admissions Program to School of Law

Students pursuing the BA in Philosophy have the option of pursuing early admission to Texas A&M’s School of Law. Under this plan, students complete both the BA and JD degrees in 6 years. This is achieved by double-counting 18 hours of course work to both degrees. The Department of Philosophy helps facilitate this by allowing 6 of these hours to count specifically toward the requirements for the major in Philosophy.


Participation in the Early Admission program requires formal application to and admission by the School of Law during year 3. Admission is fully at the discretion of the School of Law. Careful planning is key, so interested students should work closely with advisors in both the Department of Philosophy and the Professional School Advising Office as early in their studies as possible.


Students interested in Texas A&M’s School of Law should also be aware of the Aggie Direct Program. This program allows a limited number of Texas A&M University – College Station undergraduates to enter the School of Law without taking the otherwise required Law School Admission Test (LSAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Early Admission and Aggie Direct are distinct programs, however, a student may participate in both.