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Minor in Philosophy

Students may earn a minor in Philosophy by taking 15 credit hours of Philosophy coursework. Of those 15 hours, 6 may be earned at the 100-200 level and at least 9 hours must be upper-level (300/400 level) courses. This allows students maximum flexibility in choosing among our diverse set of courses. Students pursuing the minor are free to sample from the great breadth of philosophical topics (from philosophy of science to philosophy of art) or to dive deep on particular topics of interest (such as ethics, logic and metaphysics, or the history of philosophical thought).

Students who wish to add the minor should meet the following requirements before being approved by our department:

    • Texas A&M GPA of at least a 2.0
    • Completion of at least 1 Philosophy course with a C or better
    • At least a 2.0 GPA in Philosophy coursework
    • No more than 90 hours of completed college credit

If you’d like to request a minor in Philosophy, all you need to do is complete this online form. Please give us 2 weeks processing time to review and respond to your request. During high-volume advising times (the week before classes begin, the first week of classes, and pre-registration), certificate requests will be suspended. 

Please remember that your major advisor must also approve of the addition of the minor, so it is a good idea to speak with them about the feasibility of adding a minor to your degree program.

Any questions about the Philosophy minor can be directed to Ziena Miller, undergraduate Academic Advisor.