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Christi Barrera Senior Administrative Coordinator II LASB 311G (979) 458-4428 she/her/hers Selected Duties:
  • Administrative Support to Department Chair and Faculty
  • Faculty Searches & Hires
  • Tenure & Promotion
  • J1 and Visiting Research Scholars
  • Staff & Student Worker Hires
  • Department Course Scheduler
  • Travel for Prospective Faculty
  • Records Management Coordinator
  • Facilities Coordination
Dulce M. Vasquez Administrative Coordinator I LASB 311H (979) 845-4043 she/her/hers Selected Duties:
  • Graduate Admissions (recruitment, applications, tracking, diversity/merit, correspondence)
  • Graduate Retention (registration, holds, degree processing of forms, annual reviews, assistantships)
  • Department Room Scheduler
  • Event Coordinator
  • Textbook Coordinator, Liaison with TAMU Bookstore
  • Department Parking Representative
  • Travel for Speakers and Prospective Speakers
  • General Office Management
Zuleika Carrasco Academic Advisor IV ACAD RM 205 (979) 845-5144 Selected Duties:
  • Academic Guidance and Support to Undergraduates
  • Degree Plans, Graduate Clearance, Q-Drops, Minors
  • New Student Conferences
  • Prospective Student Meetings