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PhD Job Candidates

Linzi Berkowitz
  • Political Economy
  • Political Sociology
  • Social Class
  • Organizational Sociology
  • Social Theory
Angelique Nevarez Maes she/her/hers
  • Crime, Law and Deviance
  • Social Psychology
  • Social Relationships and Crime/Deviance
  • Life Course Criminology
  • Race and Criminal Justice
  • Gender and Criminal Justice
  • Development of Resilience Outside of the Parent/Child Relationship and Correlated Development of Crime
  • Resilience and Crime Prevention
  • Active Learning in the Liberal Arts Classroom
  • Work-Life Balance in Academia
Christopher Mathey
  • Military/Society Relations
  • Medicine
  • Family Development and Family Violence
  • Deviance, Stigma and Ostracism
  • Disability Studies
Andrew Craig McNeely
  • Religion
  • Culture, Race and Ethnicity
  • Digital Games
Jozie Nummi she/her/hers
  • Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • Sociology of Policing
  • Social Movements
  • Gender
  • New Media