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Our Mission

Psychology is a hub discipline, in that our research influences scientists in multiple disciplines. Psychological research has become increasingly central to policy (such as through the National Academies of Science Board). Psychologists provide the theory and expertise critical for virtually all projects across disciplines that involve human behavior in any way. Students who will work with or develop innovations for people benefit from a foundation in the science of human behavior. A strong psychological and brain sciences department enhances the productivity of units across campus and provides the intellectual synergy necessary to fuel innovations and to prepare students for the global workforce. As a hub discipline, we strive to:

  • Generate scientific discoveries that shed light on psychological processes involved in human behavior. This includes identifying normal and disordered processes that contribute to mental and physical health disorders across the lifespan, as well as the psychological and social processes that influence people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they engage with family, work, and their community.
  • Provide a rigorous undergraduate and graduate education in psychological science that provides students with skills relevant to today’s employers and innovators.
  • Provide outreach within the profession, university, and community about psychological science and the application of psychological science to real-world issues.