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Pursuing a Psychology Minor

A minor in psychology can be a valuable supplement to education in almost any field. Students select from a variety of courses that enhance understanding of animal or human behavior, the skills to intervene to change behavior and to create environments that support healthy behavior, and critical thinking skills related to asking and answering questions about human behavior. This knowledge prepares students to pursue a variety of careers where interacting with people is a central job component.

A psychology minor (15 hours) is available for non-psychology majors (except NRSC – all tracks). The minor must be declared before the student has completed 90 credit hours. To declare a psychology minor, the student must have completed Psyc 107 with a C or better.

Requesting a minor: Please DO NOT schedule an appointment. Instead, email with your full name and UIN to inquire about and/or request a PSYC minor. 

Psychology Minor Form

Required Courses:

3 hours – PSYC 107 Introduction to Psychology
3 hours – May be selected from *200 level or 300/400 level
                    *if previous PSYC major, you can use PSYC301
9 hours – Must be selected from 300/400 level
                     These 9 hours MUST BE TAKEN at A&M for residency

In addition to PSYC 107, students may apply one PSYC course from a junior college toward the minor.