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Outcomes & Careers

Students who earn a graduate degree in I-O psychology can expect to launch their careers in several industries because the I-O job market is strong. In addition to this, students may obtain full-time employment offers from their internships. I-O psychology graduates can immediately begin employment with their master’s degree because I-O psychologists do not require licensure to practice in most states.

Job Placement


An MS Psychological Sciences (Concentration in I-O) degree from Texas A&M offers a good return on investment as students are hired into positions with competitive starting salaries at prestigious organizations. 89% percent of the past two graduating classes were employed within 4 months of graduation. Their median and average starting salaries were $65,000 and $65,549, respectively, with an average sign-on bonus of $8,100. It is important to note that the program does not guarantee students jobs.

Eighty-nine Percent Placement Rate

Graduates kickstart their I-O careers in a variety of industries, from military organizations and private corporations to health care, manufacturing, and technology industries. Some positions our graduates are hired into and the organizations that employ them are included in the infographic below.

Job Titles

  • People analytics analyst
  • L & D coordinator
  • Survey operations analyst
  • Org. development consultant
  • Quant. research executive
  • HRD program trainee
  • Health and safety specialist
  • Talent devt. project manager
  • HR specialist

Median Salary

Starting salary of $65,000

*Data based on 2019 & 2020 graduates

Recent Employers

  • Department of the Air Force
  • Amazon
  • NASA (via JES Tech)
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • KPMG
  • Texas Instruments
  • Mercer
  • Ernst & Young
  • Ally Financial
  • Klein Tools



I-O Career Outlook

I-O psychologists are among the highest paid in psychology and the degree can pave the way to lucrative careers. The Figure below depicts median salaries for I-O psychologists with PhD or PsyD degrees.

Highest paid Psyc Degree - MSIOP

The 2019 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology salary survey found that salaries for I-O psychologists continue to increase, the annual starting salary for entry-level master’s degree holders was $70,000. Overall, the median annual salary for master’s level I/O psychologists is $88,900. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an average annual salary of $150,910 for I-O psychologists employed in research and development and $104,470 for those working in postsecondary education as of May 2020.