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Core Faculty 

Bisi Atoba

Bisi Atoba
Position: Program Director and Instructional Assistant Professor
Office Location: Milner 217

Dr. Atoba teaches PSYC 657 and 659

Phone: 979-458-8611
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Yumiko Mochinushi

Yumiko Mochinushi
Position: Instructional Assistant Professor Office Location: Milner 226

Dr. Atoba teaches PSYC 652, 653, 654, and 658

Phone: 979-458-6554
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Allison Alexander

Allison Alexander
Position: Lecturer
Office Location: Milner 124

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Cheryl Jackson

Cheryl Jackson
Position: Lecturer
Office Location: Milner 124

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I-O Ph.D. Faculty who Teach MSIOP Students

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Winfred Arthur, Jr.
Position: Professor
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Stephanie Payne

Stephanie Payne
Position: Professor
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Isaac Sabat

Isaac Sabat
Position: Professor
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2020 Cohort

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2019 Cohort

Student 2019 Cohort

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Below is the four-year average of the MSIOP program class profile.

4-Year Average MSIOP


Current MSIOP Students


Arno, Cameron Email:
Book, Blaine Email:
Boyd, Mitchell Email:
Brigham, Ryan Email:
Di Donato, Monica Email:
Dominguez, Lanette Email:
Dugarte Zerpa, Diana Email:
Ebert, Isabelle Email:
Fischer, Clarissa Email:
Garcia, Roberto Email:
Gonzalez, Pamela Email:
Greger, Casey Email:
Guzman, Clair Email:
Harris, Katherine Email:
Hill, Samantha Email:
Holsberry, Jonathan Email:
Huacuz, Dafne Email:
Hwang, Heather Email:
Iyengar, Samyukta Email:
Ji, Hye Won Email:
Karedia, Nakiba Email:
Kirts, Tierra Email:
Larcheveaux, D'yvonier Email:
Liu, Lawrence Email:
Lopez, Emilea Email:
Maguire, Haylie Email:
Martinez, Joseph Email:
McNeil, Victoria Email:
Menta, Brennan Email:
Mishra, Neel Email:
Motta, Kyla Email:
Murphy, Rhian Email:
Paredes, Joe Email:
Parker, Claire Email:
Patel, Reeya Email:
Perez, Alexis Email:
Sahota, Pooja Email:
Schott, Cianna Email:
Scott, Christian Email:
Sousa, Natalie Email:
Stern, Charles Email:
Stinger, Jatoria Email:
Studdard, Paul Email:
Toland, Deanna Email:
Woodbury, Bridget Email:

Contact Us

Dr. Bisi Atoba
Director, MSIOP Program

Some students have also volunteered to be contact persons with student-related questions. Please feel free to contact one or more of them: D’yvonier Larcheveaux (; Lawrence Liu (; Victoria McNeil (

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