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Administrative Support

Boedeker Garcia, Audra Title: Administrative Associate V : Psychology 230 Responsibilities:

Provides front desk assistance, copies, equipment inventory.

Phone number : 979-845-2581 Email:
Scambray, Jeannine Title: Executive Assistant I : Psychology 232 Responsibilities:

Provides support to the department head.

Phone number : 979-845-0475 Email:

Clinic Support

Mathis, Brandi Title: Administrative Associate V : Milner 104 Responsibilities:

Provides administrative support for the psychology clinic

Phone number : 979-845-8017 Email:


Freeman, Fritzie Title: Business Associate III : Psychology 244B Responsibilities:

Provides support for purchasing and travel reimbursements.

Phone number : 979-845-1872 Email:
Smith, Brooklynn Title: Business Coordinator III : Psychology 244 Responsibilities:

Provides support for hiring and payroll.

Phone number : 979-845-2554 Email:
Tubbs, Lorie Title: Business Administrator II : Psychology 254 Responsibilities:

Provides oversight for business functions, including personnel files, contract development, and budget planning.

Phone number : 979-845-2563 Email:


McCann, Hugh Title: End User Support Specialist I : Psychology 259 Responsibilities:

Provides advanced technical support for computers and programming.

Phone number : 979-845-0473 Email:
Wilson, Troyce Title: IT Generalist II : Psychology 293 Responsibilities:

Provides support for all computing resources within the department.

To put in a service ticket with Troyce e-mail him at

Phone number : 979-845-5565 Email:

Graduate Advising

Brigman, Peggy Title: Administrative Coordinator I : Psychology 258 Responsibilities:

Provides support and oversight for graduate student development, scheduling, and degree progress.

Phone number : 979-458-1710 Email:

Undergraduate Advising

Fleming, Jennifer Title: Senior Academic Advisor IV : Milner 206 Responsibilities:

Provides academic advising for psychology majors, with a particular focus on student retention.

Phone number : 979-845-7146 Email:
Bowden, Lisa Title: Academic Advisor II : Milner 209 Responsibilities:

Provides advising for psychology majors, with a particular focus on high impact experiences.

Phone number : 979-845-7146 Email:
Thomsen, Stephanie Title: Academic Advisor II : Milner 210 Responsibilities:

Provides academic advising to psychology majors, with a particular focus on honors.

Phone number : 979-845-7146 Email:
Chambers, Shari Title: Academic Advisor II : Milner 207 Responsibilities:

Provides undergraduate advising, with a particular focus on support for veteran students.

Phone number : 979-845-7146 Email: