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Doctoral Program

As a department, we seek to be a leader in psychological research and education. Our faculty members are engaged in innovative research programs focused on studying and intervening in behavior through diverse methods and approaches, from micro to macro, with an aim of improving human health and well-being.

The objectives of the PhD program are:

  • To prepare students to conduct high quality research, to direct research by others, and to communicate research findings through teaching and writing.
  • To prepare students for careers in academic settings or organizations that involve practical solutions to personal, social, or organizational problems.

We enroll approximately 100 graduate students and offer numerous opportunities for student collaboration with faculty. The student-faculty ratio is roughly 2:1, which allows individualized attention to develop research and professional skills. All graduate students admitted to the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences are provided a fellowship or assistantship that pays a competitive monthly salary. Typically this support is available for the entire period of graduate study, four or five years. Office space and computers are provided by your graduate advisor or PI, and funds to travel to professional conventions or to pursue professional development are provided by your advisor/PI and competitively by the department. All of the programs within the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences support an active speaker series that brings to campus many faculty members from other universities each year. This series provides exposure to different perspectives on the field and the opportunity to network with professors at other institutions.

We train students in five areas of psychology:

Areas of Specialization Overview 

We have also recently developed several cross-area research and training clusters, which reflect emerging areas of strength within the Department: