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New Students

HOWDY and Welcome!

If you are a new Aggie and will be starting Texas A&M in 2019, please visit the NEW AGGIE website.  The New Student & Family Programs is here to to support your success as a new student, from the time of your admission through your first year at Texas A&M.

Prospective Transfer Students

Bachelor of Arts in PSYC – Transfer Requirements

Bachelor of Science in PSYC – Transfer Requirements

Prospective First-Time-In-College Students

Freshman admits applying to Texas A&M as “first time in college” are reviewed by Admissions and the decision is made there.  The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences has no role in that process.

However, we are happy to talk with you and to answer any questions you might have about the department.  Feel free to contact our office at (979) 845-7146.

Please note:  Prospective students who visit on FRIDAYS must schedule an appointment through the Visitor’s Center. If you are planning your visit on any other day of the week, you may visit the advising office during walk-ins (8-11:30am) or make an appointment here. You may also set up a tour of the Texas A&M campus by contacting the Visitor’s Center.