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Christopher Mathey

Christopher Mathey
PhD Job Candidate
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Research Interests

  • Military/Society Relations
  • Medicine
  • Family Development and Family Violence
  • Deviance, Stigma and Ostracism
  • Disability Studies


Mr. Mathey’s areas of study include Organizational, Political and Economic Sociology (Military/Society Relations; Medicine), and Social Psychology (Disability Studies; Deviance; and Family Violence). Mr. Mathey’s Baccalaureate thesis, Physiology of the Nonverbal Learning Disability: Empowering Decisions within the Context of Special Education, serves as a biological-psychological-sociological investigation specifically of the nonverbal learning disability, thought to be on the upper end of the Autistic spectrum. Mr. Mathey’s Master’s thesis, Do Social Norms Produce a Common Definition of Investment Risk Among Money Managers?, identifies that there are three—possibly four—definitions of investment risk, each with their own implicit assumptions about how markets work and what money managers believe their roles are in those markets. Mr. Mathey’s dissertation is tentatively entitled, Military Bearing as Prescribed Social Distancing: Soldiers with Suicidality on the Social Periphery, and drawing on Shils’ (1975) concept of society, posits that military suicidality persists because military organizational logics push soldiers out to the social periphery, where behaviors reflect a decoupling of the person from mainstream economic, social, political and cultural activity, so the periphery represents a lack of effective social functioning because the behaviors of soldiers on the social periphery are unpredictable.