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Kirstie M. Boyett

Kirstie Boyett
PhD Job Candidate
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Research Interests

  • Social Psychology
  • Gender
  • Crime, Law and Deviance
  • Sexual Violence
  • Victimology


Kirstie Boyett is a doctoral student and the 2019-2020 Howard B. Kaplan Research Fellow. Her research focuses on the social causes and consequences of sexual violence. Her dissertation utilizes an experimental design to examine how policy wording aimed at reducing sexual violence may generate a “boomerang effect”, that is, resistance to anti-sexual assault policies activated by traditional gender beliefs. Her experiment tests whether different framing (gender neutral, sex positive) intervenes in gender beliefs, rape myths, and decreases resistance to anti-sexual assault policies and propensity to assault.

Kirstie is the President of The Sex Project, a peer-education program that works to reduce stigma and inequalities affiliated with sex. As president, Kirstie leads regular in-class and community-level discussions and training that advocate consensual, safe sex practices. Her research and activism contribute to her overall agenda focusing on the development and evaluation of programs and policies that aim to reduce sexual violence. Additionally, Kirstie earned the TAMU Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies and a post-graduate certificate in Victimology, Victim Assistance, and Criminal Justice (in association with World Victimology Society). She has taught Social Problems and Introduction to Gender and Society with full course responsibility.