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All seminars take places from 3:00 – 4:00 pm CST in Room 144 of the Liberal Arts Social Sciences Building (LASB 144) unless otherwise noted.





Feb 21 Shengwu Li Harvard A Theory of Ex Post Rationalization
Mar 7 – 9am Salvatore Nunnari* Bocconi University Cognitive Imprecision and Strategic Behavior
Mar 21 Oyebola Okunogbe* World Bank Becoming Legible to the State: The Role of Detection and Enforcement Capacity in Tax Compliance
Mar 28 Silvia Saccardo* Carnegie Mellon University Assessing Nudge Scalability: Two Lessons from Large-Scale RCTs
Apr 11 Laura Schechter University of Wisconsin- Madison Brokering Votes with Information Spread via Social Networks
Apr 25 Erik Snowberg University of British Columbia “On Loss Aversion and the Endowment Effect”

*virtual seminar; contact Dave Cabrera for access.