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All seminars will take places from 3:00 – 4:30 pm CST in Room 144 of the Liberal Arts Social Sciences Building (LASB 144) unless otherwise noted.





Feb 17 Rene Saran University of Cincinnati “A Dynamic Optimization Approach to Delegation with an Application to Volunteer Contracts”
Feb 24 Peter Klibanoff Northwestern Kellogg “Ambiguous Persuasion”
Mar 10 Leslie Marx Duke University Efficient Trade on Networks
Mar 31 Daniel Fershtman University of Tel Aviv “Searching for Arms: Experimentation with Endogenous Consideration Sets”
Apr 21 Dong Wei University of California- Santa Cruz “Turning the Ratchet: Dynamic Screening with Multiple Agents”
Apr 28 Teddy Kim Emory University “Contest Design under Strategic Risk Taking”