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All seminars will take places from 3:00 – 4:30 pm CST in Room 144 of the Liberal Arts Social Sciences Building (LASB 144) unless otherwise noted.





Jan 28 Tilman Borgers* University of Michigan “Similarity-Based Learning and Similarity Equilibria”
Feb 4- 10 am Sophie Bade* Royal Holloway University of London Open-Ended Matching With and Without Markets
Feb 11 – 10 am Ilwoo Hwang* Seoul National University “Competitive Advertising and Pricing”
Feb 18 – 2 pm Jidong Zhou* Yale University Personalized Pricing and Privacy Choice
Feb 25 Alfredo Garcia Industrial & System Engineering- Texas A&M “A Market Mechanism for Trading Flexibility Between Interconnected Electricity Markets”
Mar 11 – 2:00 pm Roland Strausz Humboldt University Berlin Correlation-Savvy Sellers
Mar 25 Luca Rigotti University of Pittsburgh Uncertainty in Mechanism Design
Apr 1- 2:00 pm Pablo Arribillaga* Universidad Nacional de San Luis “All Sequential Allotment Rules Are Obviously Strategy-Proof”
April 8 Inga Deimen University of Arizona Communication in the Shadow of Catastrophe
May 5 Hulya Eraslan postponed to Fall 2022 “Bargaining in the Shadow of Uncertainty”

*virtual seminar; contact Huiyi Guo for access