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Tuition & Fees and Housing Costs


Texas A&M University is consistently ranked one of the Best Value Colleges in the country. Graduate tuition and fees may be calculated at  On that page, you will see complete information regarding what the full expense is.

Completing the masters program requires a total of 32-semester credit hours (for thesis option) or 36-semester credit hours (for non-thesis option). Full-time students enroll for 9 credit hours per Fall/Spring semesters with options to enroll for 12-15 credit hours per Fall/Spring semesters. The total number of months to complete the thesis option varies on the student’s research but may be completed in 24 months per their committee’s guidance, and the completion time for the non-thesis option is 18-24 months. The summer semester following the first year is open so that students can obtain an internship, return to their home country if they are international, or take other courses at the university. NOTE: Tuition and fees may change for the academic year in which you actually enroll. Please refer to Texas A&M Student Business Services for detailed and up-to-date information on tuition and fees.

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The Bryan/College Station community offers many affordable and pleasant living, dining, and entertainment options and the University offers excellent recreational facilities plus athletic and performing arts events. For information on housing options, refer to the Residence Life website,