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Business Economics Certificate
Quantitative Economics Methods Certificate


Business Economics Certificate

The Business Economics Certificate gives economics students the opportunity to integrate business classes and earn a business minor while expanding their understanding of the application of economics in business.  In order to earn the certificate, students must take all of the classes required for a business minor (MGMT 209, MGMT 309, MKTG 409, ISYS 209, ACCT 209) as well as one advanced econometrics class that focuses on economic forecasting (ECMT 475). The only other requirement is that the student takes two directed economics electives from an approved list. For more information, view a PDF of the BEC.

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Quantitative Economic Methods Certificate

The Quantitative Economic Methods certificates allows economics students to hone their math and analytical skills and prepares them for entry into an economics Ph.D. program or a highly quantitatively-oriented occupation.  Students who complete this certificate will be far more likely to gain admission to selective Ph.D. programs and more attractive to employers looking for those with quantitative and analytical skills.  The student will be required to take a total of 18 hours, three directed courses and three directed electives.  The student must take Economic Forecasting (ECMT 475), Introduction to Mathematical Economics (ECON 460), and Program Evaluation (ECON 470).  The student will then be allowed to choose three more courses from an approved list of mathematical and statistics classes. For more information, view a PDF of the QEM.