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Master of Science in Psychological Sciences (Concentration in I/O Psychology)

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers a terminal master’s program in Psychological Sciences with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. The program is not designed to be a stepping stone to the PhD program.

Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychology is the scientific study of human behavior at work and the application of that science to workplace issues facing individuals, teams, and organizations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that I/O Psychology is the fastest growing occupation, with an anticipated growth rate of 53% between 2014 and 2022. Individuals with master’s degrees in I/O psychology are employed in consulting, private practice, government, and corporations. The master’s program at Texas A&M emphasizes the application of psychological principles to human resource decisions and organizational behavior challenges. Students will benefit from training by faculty who are nationally recognized leaders in the field.

More information about I/O Psychology can be found on the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology website.

IO Master’s Flyer

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2020 MS cohort from left to right: Ryan Brigham, Joe Paredes, Roberto Garcia, Charles Stern, Emilea Lopez, Diana Dugarte Zerpa, Clarissa Fischer, Jonathan Holsberry, Cianna Schott, Dafne Huacuz, Casey Greger, Katherine Harris, Christian Scott, Isabelle Ebert, Jatoria Stinger, Victoria McNeil, Monica Di’Donato, Lawrence Liu, Mitchell Boyd, Kyla Motta.