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Mary Meagher

Mary Meagher
Claude H. Everett Jr. '47 Chair in Liberal Arts, APA Fellow
Areas of Speciality
  • Clinical
  • Affective Science
  • Behavioral & Cellular Neuroscience
  • (979) 845-2564
  • PSYC 282
Professional Links

Research Interests

  • Biobehavioral mechanisms that influence pain
  • Stress and Disease
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Health Psychology

Recent Publications

You D.S. & Meagher M.W. (2017). Association between borderline personality features and temporal summation of second pain. Special Issue on Personality and Health. Behavioral Medicine, 43, 208-217.

You, D. S., Haney R., Albu S., & Meagher, M.W. (2018). Generalized central sensitization and endogenous oxytocin in individuals with symptoms of migraine. Headache, 58, 68-77.

Rassu, F.S., Linsenbardt, H.R., Fields, S.A., & Meagher, M.W. (2018). Does Pain Affect Preference? The Effect of Tonic Laboratory Pain on Discounting of Delayed Rewards. Journal of Pain, 19, 962-972.

You D.S. & Meagher M.W. (2018). Childhood adversity and pain facilitation. Special issue on the Neuroscience of Pain. Psychosomatic Medicine, 80(9), 869-879.

You, D.S., Albu, S., Linsenbardt, H.R., & Meagher, M.W. (2018). Cumulative childhood adversity as a risk factor for common chronic pain conditions in young adults. Pain Medicine, 20(3):486-494.

Sergiu A., Meagher, M.W. (2019). Divergent effects of conditioned pain modulation on subjective pain and nociceptive-related brain activity. Experimental Brain Research, 237, 1735–1744.

Affiliated Research Cluster

Neuroscience. Psychoneuroimmunology; pain; stress and disease in humans and animal models.
Affective Science. Interactions of pain, emotion, and stress; effects on motivation and decision making; affect regulation in clinical pain.