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Michale Sferra

Michael Sferra
Areas of Speciality
  • Clinical
  • PSYC 213
Office Hours, Spring 2024
Fridays 10:15a-12:00p & by appointment
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Research Interests

“Broadly speaking, my research interests lie in examining the role of the quality of the parent-child relationship on family functioning.  I am also interested in the influence of parenting styles on child functioning and the application of various therapeutic techniques aimed at improving family functioning.  Additionally, I also have some interest in examining the role that technology plays in influencing a person’s quality of life, for better or for worse.  Specifically, I am interested in how to incorporate technology into a healthy lifestyle without being swept away by it.”

Recent Publications


Huffhines, L., Zale, E., Thamotharan, S., Sferra, M., Lange, K. L., Ditre, J., & Fields, S. (2014). Intimate partner violence, childhood sexual abuse, and cigarette smoking risk in adolescents. Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma, 7(3), 175-183.

Lange, K., Thamotharan, S., Sferra, M., Ramos, A., & Fields, S. (2014). Effects of weight and gender on a task of inattention. Eating behaviors, 15(4), 574-577.

Manuscripts Under Review

Hahn, H., Thamotharan, S., Sferra, M., & Fields, S. (Submitted for Initial Review). HIV risk in YMSM who use geosocial networking apps: How soon is too soon to meet partners?

Sferra, M., Fields, S., Gentile, D. (Submitted for Initial Review). Game type as a moderator of the relationship between pathological video game use, impulsivity, aggression, and general psychopathology.

Vermillion, S., Malak, R., Becker, B., Smallman, S., Sferra, M., & Fields, S. (Submitted for Initial Review). An investigation on using serious gaming to study human decision making in engineering contexts.

In Preparation

Fields, S., Dowd, S., Sferra, M., & Reynolds, B. (in preparation). Impulsive behavior and treatment outcomes in adolescent smokers.

Sferra, M., & Fields, S. (in preparation). The effects of the interaction between body weight and depression on adolescent and emerging adult alcohol use.

Sferra, M., Thamotharan, S., & Fields, S. (in preparation). Marijuana use and its relationship to delay discounting.