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Student Research Experiences

Our faculty and graduate students are always engaged in research and frequently recruit participants for research studies. Our core curriculum course in Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 107) includes a hands-on, experiential component that involves participants actively in research in the discipline.

Additional classes sometimes offer course credit or extra credit opportunities that involve participation in research. Your instructor will provide details about this participation and alternative to participation to you in the syllabus and in class.

We will be conducting pre-screening at the beginning of the Spring 2024 semester. In order to participate in the pre-screening, you must have indicated to the IRB in your study protocol that you will be using a pre-screen questionnaire. If you would like to participate in the pre-screening, please email your pre-screen questionnaire along with your IRB approval numbers for each questionnaire to by January 2nd 2024.  Please also submit the questionnaire as a WordPad (.rtf) file.

Spring 2024 Research Experience dates:

  • Prescreening Dates: January 19-26
  • Subject Pool Opens: Monday, January 29th
  • Subject Pool Closes: Tuesday, April 30th

All credits must be completed by the closing date. You will not be able to access your SONA account after the it is closed.

It is advisable that you finish your experiments early in the semester instead of waiting until the end.

Student Registration and Subject Pool Information

Please go to this website: There is a link on the front page of the site to request an account.  On the left margin in the maroon area, locate New User, and click on ‘Request an account here’. Fill in the slots (First Name, Last Name, and User ID. The User ID that you type in will be the same as your current NetID from your TAMU email account). *NOTE* Do not put or at the end of your User ID or you will not receive access to your account (for example, if my email was “”, my User ID would be “missrevx”). Then select your course number, and click on the gray area that is labeled ‘Request Account’.  You will immediately be sent an email to your TAMU email address that contains your new password, which you can change after your first login. It is a good idea to immediately change the new password you just received to your TAMU email password.  This is because it will be easier for you to remember all semester long. See the document titled “Student Subject Pool Information” below for the best information.

Student Subject Pool Information 

Research Information

Faculty and graduate researchers may add studies to the subject pool each semester. To put a study on SONA, you need to request a researcher account. You must request a new study number each semester. To request, please complete the form titled “Request Study Form”. For more information on researcher subject pool procedures, please see the document titled “Researcher Subject Pool Information”.  

Researcher Subject Pool Information

Request Study Form

Research Experiences Coordinator: Mayson Astle