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Amazing Student – Jonny Cogwell

Texas A&M Department of Economics Amazing Student
November, 2022


Jonny Cogwell


McKinney, TX

High School:

McKinney High School

Degree objective:

Bachelor and Master of Science in Economics

Expected graduation:

May 2023

University highlights, awards, scholarships:

Texas A&M Distinguished Student, Dean’s List

Clubs/Organizations I am (was) a part of:

MSC Abbott, 180 Degrees Consulting, Aggie Fish Club, Gilbert Leadership Conference

Current employment:

I’m currently a Teaching Assistant for ECON 202. I loved this class as a freshman, and I enjoy the opportunity to teach the foundations of economics to the next generation.

Family ties to Texas A&M:

My brother attended Texas A&M for industrial engineering and graduated in 2019.

I chose to attend Texas A&M because…

There’s so many resources inside and outside of the classroom to learn more and maximize my time in college. Being surrounded by a strong community of engaged learners who are seeking to change the world has encouraged me to be my best every day.

My favorite things to do on campus are…

Admiring the view at the front of the administration building, disc golf at Research park, and biking to class (if it’s not raining).

When I have free time, I like…

To be active and outside! I love pickleball, basketball, tennis, or any game I can play with friends.

The craziest thing I’ve done is…

I spent an entire day at the Rec with my friend to play every sport available.

My favorite place to study is…

Brookshire Brothers! This is a perfect place to study indoors and outdoors, hang out with friends, watch the game, and grab groceries on my way out.

My favorite ECON professor is…

Professor Meer. He challenges his students to be curious and guides us to understand the economics of education at a deeper level.

My favorite part of being an Economics student is…

The amount of flexibility I have in the classes I take. The ECON program has taught me how to think like an economist, and has given me the opportunity to apply this framework to fields of study I’m interested in.

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with…

Office hours with my professors! I love getting to know my professors at a personal level, and office hours are a place where I can learn more about their lives and research.

If I knew I could not fail, I would…

Start a nonprofit. This is a goal of mine in the future, because I’m passionate about spending my career in a field where I can help underserved communities.

If money was not a consideration, I would love to…

Travel and learn more about different cultures around the world to develop a greater worldview.

What is your passion and how are you committed to pursuing it?

My passion is to help others reach their potential. I’m committed to finding ways to ensure people from any background or socioeconomic status have the tools to succeed.

After graduation, I plan to…

I want to make positive changes in the fields of energy, housing, and education, and consulting is a way I can learn and gain exposure in all three fields, and maybe more.

The one Texas A&M experience I will always remember is…

Rushing the field when we beat Alabama.