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Economic Report of the President

Each year the U.S. President publishes the Economic Report of the President to discuss the most pressing economic and social challenges facing the country. This report relies heavily on research conducted by faculty at leading research universities. Such academic research is extremely valuable to policymakers because it is non-partisan and it is grounded in rigorous, scientific methods – this creates room for public policy to be designed based upon credible, evidence-based research.

This year’s report was released in March 2023, and five (5) Texas A&M ECON faculty had their research cited:

Andrew Barr – investment in early childhood programs (e.g. Head Start) can disrupt the intergenerational cycle of poverty


The effects of the post-9/11 GI Bill on higher education and earnings

Jennifer Doleac – shows existence of racial discrimination in online marketplaces

Mark Hoekstra – attending a flagship state university substantially increases earnings for an individual

Fernando Luco – well-intentioned “pro-consumer” policies that require companies to report prices online can backfire and raise prices to consumers

Jonathan Meer – How do universities respond to an influx of government funds?