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Amazing Student – Mariam Khalfe

Texas A&M Department of Economics Amazing Student
May, 2023


Mariam Khalfe


Sugar Land, TX

High School:

Clements High School

Degree objective:

Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Economics

Expected graduation:

May, 2023

University highlights, awards, scholarships:

Dean’s List, Liberal Arts Scholarship and Fellowship Recipient

Clubs/Organizations I am (was) a part of:


Current employment:

Currently I work for the MS Econ program as a marketing assistant.

Family ties to Texas A&M:

None, I am a first gen Aggie!

I chose to attend Texas A&M because…

Texas A&M is a unique university that embodies values that are truly meaningful to me. The spirit, support and network are like no other. The strong sense of community made me feel right at home the first time I stepped onto campus in high school and that feeling has continued on to this day, years later.

My favorite things to do on campus are…

Walking around on main campus, meeting with friends to study at Evans, and getting ice cream at Aggie Park.

When I have free time, I like…

Meeting up with friends, going to the gym, reading, and helping my community.

The craziest thing I’ve done is…

Hiked Mt. Rainier in Seattle!

My favorite place to study is…

Coffee shops – I made a list of all the coffee shops in town! I love any excuse to get coffee and the ambiance of coffee shops keeps me motivated to get my work done.

My favorite ECON professor is…

Dr. Craig Schulman, Dr. Chelsea Strickland and Dr. Steven Puller

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with…

My grandmother, she’s the reason I have become the way I am. She’s empowered and strong and has always been my biggest role model and supporter.

If I knew I could not fail, I would…

I would try to play every sport and then go to the Olympics!

If money was not a consideration, I would love to…

Help people suffering globally – ending world hunger and those in war struck countries. I have always had a dream of opening multiple orphanages in various communities to help kids that have been through sufferings and don’t have much of anything.

What is your passion and how are you committed to pursuing it?

My passion is helping people/giving back to my community – but specifically working with the youth. I am part of various organizations that help empower the next generation and it truly brings me happiness knowing I can have an impact on our future.

After graduation, I plan to…

Start my job at Phillips 66 at their headquarters in Houston, Texas!

The one Texas A&M experience I will always remember is…

Hands down would be Ring Day! All of my family and friends came down to celebrate with me and it was very special to me – definitely a moment I will cherish forever!