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Masters Of Economics Inaugural Department Awards

The Masters of Economics at Texas A&M is proud to announce the inaugural presentation of our Departmental Awards presented at our M.S. Economics Hooding Ceremony at the College Station Hilton on Saturday 11 May, 2024. Dr Steve Puller (Department Head of Economics) and Dr Li Gan (Director of the Masters of Economics at A&M) presented each award to the three very deserving recipients.

Our first award, The Gan Distinguished Alumnus, honors the remarkable leadership of Professor Li Gan, whose vision shaped our Masters Program. We proudly presented this award to Mr. Tony Kroschewsky, CEO of Merit Advisors, for his outstanding contributions to the field and his invaluable partnership with our department.




  We recognized Ms. Jasmine Zenn from the Texas A&M Career Center with the Soules Service Award, named after Luther Soules III, for her exceptional support and commitment to our students’ success. Her tireless efforts and passion for helping students achieve their goals embody the spirit of our community.





Lastly, we present the Gronberg Award in honor of Dr. Tim Gronberg’s impactful leadership. Congratulations to Ms. Olivia Krog for her early success and dedication to Economics. Her achievements and commitment to her faith inspire us all.

These awards not only recognize outstanding individuals but also symbolize the values and dedication that drive our Economics program forward.