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Neuroscience Psychology

Neuroscience psychology is a quickly developing field that looks at the structure and function of the human brain and nervous system. Neuroscience research focuses on cellular and molecular biology, anatomy and physiology, human behavior and cognition, and other disciplines, to tool out information about how the brain works at levels previously unrecognized.

In terms of post graduate studies, a PhD in psychology and neuroscience can take you many places. Research and administrative career opportunities can also be found in public agencies (e.g., National Institutes of Health, Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and private companies (e.g., pharmaceutical, biotechnology). Numerous other non research options are also available, including teaching, scientific writing and public policy.

Additionally, these professionals may work directly with patients in a number of ways, including administering assessments and brain scans; creating treatment plans for those with brain injuries; and monitoring how patients are progressing under their care. According to PayScale, the pay range for neuropsychologists is $58,188 to $134,518.

To learn more about Neuroscience Psychology, visit the APA website and read the articles below: