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Change of Major to PSYC or NRSC-BCN

Major Changes within the Texas A&M System (College Station, Galveston, and Qatar)

Major change requests are now handled through your Howdy portal

  • Go to your Howdy portal and click on the My Record tab
  • Navigate to the Change of Major Requests box
  • Click on the Change of Major Tutorial link to learn how to check eligibility and submit your request

Important Information:

  • GPA to change major to PSYC is a 2.75
  • GPA to change major to NRSC-BCN is a 3.0
  • All December 2024-February 2025 applicants will be placed in the Fall 2024 catalog (CATALOG 147) 

Upcoming Major Change Dates:

  • SUMMER 2024: MAY 14, 2024- JUNE 25, 2024
  • FALL 2024: AUGUST 14, 2024- SEPTEMBER 16, 2024
  • SPRING 2025: DECEMBER 17, 2024- FEBRUARY 10, 2025




Major Change to PSYC-BA or PSYC-BS (Continuing Students)

If you are applying to change majors into Psychology, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have no more than 75 completed hours (grades included: F; grades excluded: I, W, Q)
  2. Minimum 2.75 overall GPR
  3. Completion of PBSI/PSYC 107 with a minimum grade of C
  4. Completion of PBSI/PSYC 245 (PSYC 2317) with a minimum grade of C or better

Major Change to NRSC-BCN (Continuing Students)

If you are applying to change majors into Neuroscience – BCN, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have no more than 60 completed hours (grades included: F; grades excluded: I, W, Q)
  2. Minimum 3.0 overall GPR
  3. Completion of PBSI/PSYC 107
  4. Completion of at least one of the following math courses: MATH 147, MATH 151 (TCCNS MATH 2413), or MATH 171
  5.  Completion of BIOL 111 (TCCNS BIOL 1406) and BIOL 112 (TCCNS BIOL 1407)
  6. Completion of CHEM 119 (TCCNS CHEM 1411) or CHEM 107/117 (TCCNS CHEM 1470) and CHEM 120 (TCCNS CHEM 1412)
  • B or better is required for ALL prerequisite courses
  • Students are HIGHLY encouraged to take prerequisites at TAMU
  • If all required courses are completed through credit by exam, change of major will require a 3.0 in 6-8 hrs of science courses

Adding a Minor to the BS – NRSC (BCN) Degree

  • CANNOT add a minor in PSYC to any of the NRSC degrees
  • A non-neuroscience minor (with the exception of PSYC) is optional for majors. If chosen, a minor must consist of 15–18 credit hours and must be declared before the student completes 90 credit hours. No more than 6 hours from the minor may be used to fulfill other Core requirements. A grade of C or higher is required if a course is to be counted in the major or minor field.

For more information, contact the advising office at

Major Change FROM Opportunity Majors (Continuing Students)

 BA/BS PSYC and NRSC-BCN are Not Opportunity Majors, please read below:

Opportunity Admission Program

The Opportunity Major initiative will allow for additional offers of admission to under-enrolled majors. A list of majors below the average student-to-faculty ratios or whose scheduled credit hours are below the student-to-faculty ratios will be known as “opportunity majors” to facilitate this process.  Students admitted into an opportunity major will follow the catalog of the year they are enrolled in the opportunity major. Opportunity majors will be updated each year to reflect changes to the list and offer maximum opportunity for students to enroll. Students admitted to an opportunity major will only be allowed to change majors to another opportunity major with one exception. Students who complete 40 hours with a 3.75 GPA after one year with at least 30 hours in Texas A&M enrolled courses, will be provided the opportunity to apply to change major to a non-opportunity major based on the availability and selective process of the college/department. Please visit the catalog appendices to find the Opportunity Majors for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Please contact the admissions office at  if you have additional questions regarding Opportunity Majors.

Prospective Transfer Students (from another college or university)

*Beginning Spring 2024: PBSI 245 (TCCN: PSYC 2317) will be REQUIRED for transfer student admission for BS/BA-PSYC* (Must earn a B or better)

Go to Admissions to start to the process.  Also, please visit with one of Texas A&M’s Prospective Student Centers. You may also set up a tour of the Texas A&M campus by contacting the Visitor’s Center.