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Message from Department Head


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Welcome to the Department of Communication and Journalism at Texas A&M University.

We as a department seek to create and share knowledge of communication theories, methods, and phenomena.  We do this to promote ethical, competent and engaged global citizens, able to adapt and lead in a rapidly changing world.  We pursue this high ideal in our research, teaching, and through community and civic engagement, by drawing on the complementary strengths of three vital communication traditions. From the arts and humanities, we as scholars promote critical examination of society, particularly as related to categorizations of race, gender, religion, politics, business, law, health, and power. From the social sciences, we as researchers promote empirical advances in strategic (political, health, organizational, crisis, and science) communication fields. Through training in communication and journalistic practices, we promote effective and principled mastery of real-world communication strategies and techniques, with particular emphases in promoting professional expertise in new media and technology. These three traditions come together under one roof, in a department that promotes greater understanding of society and the human condition, via quantitative, interpretive, critical, rhetorical, and journalistic investigatory methods.

As the head of this vital department, I am inspired by my colleagues and our students.  I am proud of the ways that we as a department work individually and collectively to generate research that matters, and to produce and share knowledge that enables our students to effectively engage society as competent and engaged global citizens, as well as successful and fulfilled professionals.

I invite you to look over these webpages and learn more about the opportunities the Department of Communication and Journalism offers to both our undergraduate and graduate students. If you would like to become more involved with our departmental activities or learn more about the program, please contact me at

Take care, and

Don’t Pass It Back!

Hart Blanton

Professor and Head