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Message from Department Head

Dr Barge

Welcome to the Department of Communication at Texas A&M University. I chose to join the department as a faculty member because I was impressed with the quality and drive of the faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students and their commitment to excellence in research, teaching, and service. As Department Head, I continue to be inspired by my colleagues and our students as we generate research that makes a difference and prepare our students to pursue their professional careers and become productive citizens.

Our undergraduate program offers degrees in communication, telecommunication media studies, and journalism.  We also offer several innovative certificates that enable undergraduate students to create a sharp focus in a selected area of study by integrating a rich understanding of communication theory and research with the development of marketable skills for today’s workforce.   They include:

  • Communication and Global Media
  • Communication, Diversity, and Social Justice
  • Communication Leadership and Conflict
  • Health Communication
  • Social Media
  • Strategic Communication

Our graduate program is designed to develop excellent researchers and exemplary teachers that are equipped to take a communication perspective toward the perplexing social and political issues that confront our world.  Our department has been recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in research and teaching. Our faculty and graduate students have received several awards from our professional communication associations as well as Texas A&M for high-impact teaching and creating research that makes a difference.

We continue to build on a tradition of excellence and innovation in research, teaching, and service to create a vibrant community of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students that are ready to make a difference in the world. I invite you to look over these webpages and learn more about the opportunities the Department of Communication offers our undergraduate and graduate students. If you would like to become more involved with our departmental activities or learn more about the program, please contact me at

Take care,

Kevin Barge
Professor and Head