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Telecommunication Media Studies

The Department of Communication offers two undergraduate degrees in Telecommunication Media Studies (TCMS).

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunication Media Studies fo­cuses on media industries, technologies, and communication systems in cultural and historical contexts, their audience processes and effects, and social implica­tions of the media. Students take courses that address me­dia industries, law and policy, technology and society, media audiences, processes, and effects, and the theory, history, and criticism of media, culture, and commu­nication. The curriculum is designed to educate citizens for a productive future in a changing world. Our students may become industry leaders, government regu­lators, spokespeople, politicians, writers, artists, activists, and informed citizens.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunication Media Studies overlaps considerably with the curriculum of the Bachelor of Arts degree, but is more directed and emphasizes developing quantitative skills in contrast to the more flexible, liberal arts media-oriented degree. A degree in Telecommunication Media Studies is useful in a broad variety of careers, from media and telecommuni­cation industries, through communication-related positions in business, government, or non-profit organizations, to higher education.