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Change of Major

Change of Major

Are you a current TAMU or TAMUG undergraduate student and want to change your major?  The Change of Curriculum requirements are:

  1. Minimum of 2.75 GPR at Texas A&M University
  2. Maximum of 75 hours from all sources
  3. From the Howdy portal, submit a Change of Major Request Form.
  4. Attend a Departmental Information Session.          
      1. You have until pre-registration of your first semester with the Department to finish the requirement.
      2. Submit Department’s Admission contract (Acknowledgement Document.)
    1. Received at Informational Session

Blinn TEAM Students – please check program eligibility with Transition Academic Programs (TAP) before changing into the Department of Communication.

Please review our FAQs for additional helpful information before and after a major change into our department.

Please contact if you have any questions!