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Communication is central to the pursuit of any field of study and to the mastery of the future for societies, commerce, cultures, relationships and the individual. All majors are welcome as Communication minors, as the study of its theory and practice complements and enhances any degree. An overview of the communication minor, a list of minor requirements, and course descriptions, may be found here. Or you can view the Journalism minor requirements here.

Ready to declare a minor in Communication or Journalism?

Please make an appointment or come in during walk-in hours.  Please see the appointment link to the right. You will meet with a Department of Communication advisor to discuss the minor and to receive signed paperwork that you will take to your own major advisor. When approved by your major advisor, your minor in Communication will then become part of your degree plan.

Interested in other options in Communication, Telecommunication Media Studies, or Journalism?

Please see our Degree Programs and Certificates.