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The Bachelor of Arts degree in Commu­nication (BA-COMM) provides the theoretical, historical, and practical tools by which students describe com­munication phenomena, interpret them, evaluate them, and when appropriate, transform the world around them. Com­munication provides students with a broad liberal arts education while at the same time fo­cusing on vital communication skills such as public speaking, argumentation, and technical communication, as well as other com­munication proficiencies, such as small group interaction, interviewing, rhetori­cal criticism, research skills, blogging, and communication technology literacy. Students use their communica­tion skills to become leaders in business, non-profit, social, religious and political contexts. Some students pursue advanced degrees in communication, law, busi­ness, or religion while others take com­munication-related positions in marketing and sales, training and human resources, public relations, communication media, or prepare for teaching careers.