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The Art, the Science, the Practice of Communication!

We offer two exciting degrees in Communication!  Communication majors are valued by employers, are hired quickly due to our problem-solving orientation and marketable skills.  Our graduates are poised to make a difference in the business world, the non-profit world, in political, religious and social arenas, and in their own lives. We offer both a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Bachelor of Science in Communication.

Careers for Communication majors run the gamut from political strategists to sports analysts, from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to publicists for the stars, from public relations professionals to social justice seekers, from health communicators to global media experts, from social media entrepreneurs to event planners, from religious leaders to data specialists,  and include marketers, managers, leaders, conflict resolvers, critics, writers, speakers, digital content producers, video editors, bloggers, podcasters…the list goes on and on.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication focuses on how people use language to influence and persuade others. Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts, choose coursework in speaking, in communication skills and also study rhetoric, communication theories and research methods.  From our extensive list, they select additional COMM courses to meet their interests. The BA in COMM requires a minor (a second smaller area of study) and students choose one from a vast array of university minors to further focus their career path and to satisfy their interests. The BA is supported by the study of four semesters of foreign language. Some students take foreign language in the classroom while others take some or all of their foreign language through studying abroad.

BA COMM Degree Plan Worksheet


The Bachelor of Science in Communication looks at how individuals and teams communicate data to intervene for constructive change and mutual benefit. The combination of strategic communication and perspective-taking skills with a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) orientation is the heart of the BS in COMM.  BS majors learn how to facilitate interactions among team members from diverse professional backgrounds to address both commerce and the social issues of the day. BS majors focus on societal and/or financial profit in the fields of health, leadership, conflict management, social media, strategic communication or global media through attaining a certificate from the Department of Communication. While BS students, are free to pursue a minor, they are required to complete one of our certificates and instead of foreign language, this degree is supported by the study of effective communication practices, research methods, research projects and quantitative skills.

BS COMM Degree Plan Worksheet

Join us to transform the world, your world, through the Art, the Science, the Practice of Communication!!