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Journalism Majors to Helm Battalion for Summer, 2023 Academic Year

This article was originally published May 7 by The Battalion and is reprinted with permission. Updated June, 12, 2023. Photo courtesy of Robert O’Brien, The Battalion.  


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Now that Spring ’23 editor-in-chief Michaela Rush has stepped down following her graduation, journalism senior Ruben Hernandez is serving as the summer editor-in-chief of The Battalion, Texas A&M’s student-run newspaper, and journalism junior Zoe May will serve as the 2023-24 academic year editor-in-chief. 

Hernandez has been an editor for the Life & Arts desk for three semesters and said his main goal for the summer is to expand The Battalion’s reach.

“I really want to reach out to more students during the summer and show what College Station is during the summer, and hopefully spread that Aggieland love more,” Hernandez said. “That’s going to be my main goal, to get views up, get productivity up, get content up.”

Rush said Hernandez’s drive has been clear throughout his time with The Battalion, and feels confident in his abilities to improve engagement. 

“Ruben has always had a deep passion for The Battalion, which has been especially clear during the past semester,” Rush said. “He’s worked hard to not only increase the amount of content, but also the quality of content for Life & Arts. This experience will translate well as he takes over this summer.”

Hernandez said achieving this position was not something he saw for himself at the start of college.

“I started my freshman year with prospects to become an engineer, and now I’m here with award-winning journalists with The Battalion as the editor-in-chief for the summer,” Hernandez said. “That really just blew my mind; to be in this position makes me so happy.”

During the past year, May has served as both a multimedia editor and sports editor for The Battalion. Like Hernandez, May said she looks forward to expanding the publication’s reach across campus through specific programming and events.

“I’m most excited about the outreach program ideas that I have because I do love this program so much,” May said. “One of the big things I want to do is make sure other people can enjoy it as well and find their place here.” 

Rush said she is confident in May’s community-building skills following her success with the sports desk.

“Zoe is the kind of person who can get along with everyone,” Rush said. “Her passion and excitement are infectious and will open many doors for her, and she has a clear and exciting vision for the coming school year.” 

May said she encourages audiences to expand their idea of what The Battalion can be in the years to come and invites more community engagement in the publication. 

“Open your mind to The Battalion if you haven’t already,” May said. “I know a lot of people read us, specifically because we’re a tradition, but while we’ll always be a tradition and we’ll always be a paper where you can grab [it] and learn, open your mind … We’re really working to actively engage with the community and the people in our community.”

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