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Joseph Lopez

Faculty member Joseph Lopez
Associate Professor of the Practice
Areas of Speciality
  • Communication & Media Science
  • Humanities & Critical/Cultural Studies
  • Journalism & Media Practices
  • BLTN 021
Professional Links
Personal Website


joey lopez phd – joey lopez phd is an Associate Professor of the Practice at Texas A&M and
Director of the Department of Communication’s Media & Gaming Lab. joey is a polymath of sorts
whose works range from Chicana Feminism to automotive journalism to hardware and software
development cheerleading. He is often described as a degenerate who is looking for other
degenerates to cause “otherness” with. He is a co-founder of the Convergent Media Collective, a
group of “stuff makers” who span multiple disciplines and geographical spaces. He is also a
co-owner of a High-End Audio shop called Dremonoid’s in San Antonio, TX. He is a fellow of the
ACTLab Program which was founded by tech goddess Sandy Stone.

Courses Taught

COMM 230

COMM 250

COMM 330