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Nancy Street

Nancy Street
Associate Head for Undergraduate Studies, Internship Coordinator, Coordinator for Undergraduate Advising Program
Instructional Professor
  • BLTN 107B
Professional Links
MA Speech Communication, University of Texas-Austin
BS Speech Communication, University of Texas-Austin


Academia IconTwitter IconLinkedIn IconProfessor Street forges pathways with students to their futures. Whether running the Annual Freshman Communication Research Conference, directing the Undergraduate Program, or teaching a variety of undergraduate classes, she strives to collaborate with others to weave a network of experiences and opportunities for our over 1200 undergraduate majors and over 300 undergraduate minors.


Nancy Street came to Texas A&M University in the fall of 1989 as an assistant lecturer in the Department of Communication. She was promoted most recently to the rank of Instructional Full Professor in the fall of 2009. The charge for Academic and Professional Track faculty is to teach and serve.  This is a perfect track for her as teaching and service are her passions. She has taught fifteen different courses ranging from Health Communication to Leadership and Conflict Management.  She holds a College Level Distinguished Service Award for Teaching from the Association of Former Students as well as the Presidential Award for Academic Advising. During her tenure, she served for 13 years as the Course Director for the Basic Course, supervising the teaching of hundreds of graduate student teachers and the learning of thousands of undergraduate students.  She continues to supervise other courses in the Department. Currently Professor Street serves as the Director of Undergraduate Studies.   Her advising and supervision philosophy is “tell me your dream and then let’s make a plan!” Additionally, she is an avid proponent of experiential teaching methods.  Her teaching philosophy is “reach out, feel, experience, see!”  A student acting on the material that is presented is what adds the stickiness, and engagement leads to participation.  The result is learning. Additionally, Nancy Street has served on dozens of committees and held leadership roles that benefit students, advisors and faculty across the university.

Representative Service:

Courses Taught

  • COMM 101: Introduction to Communication
  • COMM 101: Introduction to Communication-Honors
  • COMM 103: Principles of Communication
  • COMM/LING 105: Language and Communication
  • COMM 203: Public Speaking
  • COMM 210: Group Communication
  • COMM 215: Interviewing
  • COMM 291: Communication Research-practicum
  • COMM 305: Theories of Communication
  • COMM 315: Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 324: Communication Leadership and Conflict Management
  • COMM 325: Persuasion
  • COMM 370: Health Communication
  • COMM 460: Communication and Contemporary Issues: Leading and Ethics
  • COMM 460: Communication and Contemporary Issues: Professional Communication
  • COMM 484: Internship in Communication (various)
  • COMM 485: Directed Study (various)