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Sarah Beck

Areas of Speciality
  • Media, Culture, and Identity
  • Rhetoric and Public Affairs
  • BLTN 302A


Dr. Beck is an interdisciplinary rhetorical scholar concerned with the lives of queer, trans, and lesbian women and non-binary folks, as well as embodied research methods.


Sarah Beck received her PhD in Communication with an emphasis in rhetoric and culture from the University of Colorado Boulder. Her scholarly work focuses on the realm of the digital culture and everyday life. Dr. Beck utilizes feminist and queer theorizing to argue for the importance of these everyday spaces and their potential to enable communities to thrive and develop inventive ways of responding to the current social and political landscape. Her work is mixed-method in nature, combining textual analysis, ethnographic fieldwork, qualitative interviews, and arts/practice-based methods.

Current and past projects have examined a summer camp for queer women, domestic spaces, queer digital culture, and the use of reciprocal IVF in lesbian couples.